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Tax Compliance (monthly and annual tax return preparation)
Tax Compliance (monthly and annual tax return preparation)

With the growing pace of tax enforcement, compliance to tax regulation is becoming important than ever. We assist our clients to comply with the prevailing tax regulations by preparing the monthly tax compliance and annual tax compliance. Our monthly tax compliance service covers Article 21/26 Withholding Taxes, Article 23/26 Withholding Taxes, Article 4(2) Withholding Taxes, Article 15 Withholding Taxes, Prepaid Tax Article 25 Instalment, and Value Added Tax.

Assistance in dealing with tax audits
Assistance in dealing with tax audits

The Indonesia Tax Office (ITO) in certain cases would perform a tax audit to test the correctness and fulfillment of taxation obligations, and usually would come up with a huge amount of tax adjustments. We can assist you in understanding the properness and reasonableness of the tax auditor’s tax adjustments and therefore being able to defend and minimize the tax consequences arising from tax audit.

Tax Litigation (Objection, Appeal and Reconsideration Process)
Tax Litigation (Objection, Appeal and Reconsideration Process)

When the Taxpayer does not agree with the tax adjustments made by the tax auditor, the Taxpayer can escalate to higher authorities by filing an objection to the Regional Tax Office, appeal to the Tax Court, and reconsideration request to the Supreme Court subsequently. Our tax professionals can assist you through the whole process, including drafting and discussing proper arguments to counter the tax auditor’s tax adjustments based on the prevailing taxation regulations, assist in the submission process, discussing with the tax authorities, attendance in the Tax Tribunal, and coordination assistance with the Tax Authorities, Tax Court, or Supreme Court.

Accounting Service

Our accounting services section caters for clients who require our general accounting and financial planning assistance. Our accounting professionals are available for the initial set up of accounting systems and necessary controls, maintain accounting records and prepare monthly financial statement.

Tax Due Diligence on business acquisitions

Prior to business acquisitions, it is important to understand the tax compliance level and the tax risks associated with the Target, so that proper adjustment can be reflected in the transaction price. Our tax due diligence service is to assist you in reviewing the Target’s tax risks and calculating the potential tax adjustment that need to be made to the purchase price, or indemnified with the Target. We offer tax due diligence service with high level scope or detailed scope, depending on your business need.

Tax Diagnostic Review

Our tax diagnostic review service is to assist you in reviewing your Company’s tax compliance with Indonesian tax regulations. The review is intended to detect tax incompliance, so that necessary mitigation actions may be taken/ performed to reduce the tax risks before being audited by the tax authorities.

Tax Structuring

Efficient company structure is crucial to overall company performance. Through our service, we provide depth analysis from tax perspective on the proposed transaction and introduce relevant alternatives or structure to optimize direct and indirect tax costs as applicable to the company’s objective.

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